DIY Smart Cookie Magnets

DIY Smart Cookie Magnets


This is a fun tutorial on how to make Smart Cookie magnets! These little guys make super cool gifts and are great for refrigerators and lockers!

Things you’ll need


Let’s get started!

  1. Preheat oven to 275ºF.
  2. Cut the tan clay in half so that you have one ounce.
  3. Condition the clay with your hands until it’s soft and easy to work with and then roll it into a ball. Do this for the rest of the colors.
  4. Flatten the tan ball down with your palm until it’s the shape of a 2” round cookie and about 1/2” thick.
  5. Press the toothbrush bristles into the tan clay to create a sugar cookie texture (PICTURE at 2:30).
  6. Use an X-acto knife to shave brown and yellow chalk into small piles. Make a separate pile of yellow and brown chalk blended together.
  7. Brush some brown chalk on the bottom edges of the cookie. Brush some of the brown and yellow blend on the top edges. Lastly, add a bit of yellow on the top of the cookie and blend the colors in nicely (PICTURE at 3:06).
  8. Roll out white clay and cut out eyeballs using the larger oval cookie cutter. 
  9. Roll out black clay and cut out large ovals and then use the small oval cookie cutter to cut out the insides for the eyeglass rims. Place each black oval frame on each of the white ovals.
  10. For the details, roll out thin snakes of the pink, white and black clay.
  11. For the pupils, cut off two small pieces of black clay and roll them into little balls. Flatten them out and place them on the white eyeball inside the black frame.
  12. Cut out two small pieces of white and roll them into balls. Flatten into small discs and place those on top of the black pupils.
  13. For the cheeks, cut out two small pieces of pink and roll them into balls. Flatten into small discs and place those on the bottom edge of the black frame on the white.
  14. For more glasses detail, cut out small black balls and add them to the edges of the frame. Then take a thinner black snake and bridge the two rims together.
  15. Add a small smile using a thin piece of black clay.
  16. Create chocolate chips with small pieces of brown clay.
  17. Place cookies on a lined baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes.
  18. Allow cookies to cool and then use super glue to attach a magnet to the back of each cookie. Let it set for a few minutes.
  19. Finish by brushing a gloss varnish over the entire surface of the cookie.
  20. TaDa! These cookie magnets are looking smart!


DIY Smart Cookie Magnets from Nerdy Nummies