So happy :) Just finished the book Divergent! 

Any suggestions on what book I should read next? 

Audible is offering my listeners a free audiobook of your choice and a free 30-day trail membership. If interested, go to and choose from over 150,000 titles. 

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Loved making these Catbug Peanut Butter Squares! Omnomnom ♥♥♥

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Made Catbug Peanut Butter Squares today on Nerdy Nummies! 

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Got so many requests to make do a Whats In My Purse & Giveaway Video! What other vlogs would you like to see? 

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So excited to see Nerdy Nummies in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine! :)

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Just keeping warm by the fire! :) lol 

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Thank you to everyone for suggesting something Divergent themed! Had so much fun making this cake! 

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