Angry Birds Cheese and Crackers

Angry Birds Cheese and Crackers are a quick and easy way to "wing it" when it's time to entertain!

Makes 10 hors d’oeuvres

Things you'll need

  • Bag mini wax incased cheese (Babybel)
  • Package of entertainment crackers
  • Can black olives
  • 2 slices cheddar cheese
  • 2 slices provolone cheese
  • Cutting board & knife
  • 1 mini leaf cookie cutter
  • #2A decorating tip
  • #363 (open star) decorating tip

Let's get started!

  1. Filet and slice olives to create 50 flat strips.
  2. Slice an olive in half and cut out 20 pupils using a #363 tip.
  3. Use a slice of provolone to make 20 small circles with #2A tip. These will be the eyes.
  4. Cut 10 beak shapes out of cheddar slices (PICTURE at 2:17).
  5. Remove the wax shell of an incased cheese wheel so that a third of the cheese is showing (PICTURE at 2:22).
  6. Using the excess red wax, create small leaf shapes and then cut those in half lengthwise.

Time to decorate!

  1. Place each cheese a little off center on a cracker (PICTURE at 3:12).
  2. Arrange the provolone eyes and cheddar beak on the cheese wheel (PICTURE at 3:16).
  3. Place 2 olive strips above the eyes as eyebrows and then fan out 3 olive slices to the side of each body as a tail. Arrange 2 of the red wax pieces behind the head as feathers.
  4. TaDa! A row of Angry Birds Cheese and Crackers all ready to be flung into action!
rosanna-pansino-angry-birds-crackersangry-bird-cheese-crackers Angry Birds Cheese and Crackers

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